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Our Services

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Big Data & Analytics

We work with our customers that have data stored in disparate data stores to organize their data by helping them define their big data strategy and to select the appropriate tools and technology.  We help them extract, transform and load this data so that they can be analyzed further.

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Artificial  Intelligence, Machine Learning and NLP

We help our customers make meaning out of the data that they have in their siloed data source by helping them slice and dice the data using cutting edge open source tools (Hadoop Ecosystem), Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and produce actionable insight.

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Identity & Access Management

We provide Identity, Credentialing and Access Management Services (ICAM) to include the tools, policies, and systems that allow an organization to manage, monitor and secure access to protected resources. We then work with the organizations' applications and hold their hands to integrate them to use this new security framework.  Application Integration is a large part of our ICAM offering.

Realize the Advantages of Big Data Solutions for your Agency

In this increasingly digitized world, government agencies at all levels, federal, state, local and educational institutions are generating data which is growing at an exponential rate.  Agencies are facing challenges in managing and making sense of this massive data.

CloudLeap Technologies, LLC is at the forefront of the Big Data revolution.  We assist federal, state and local governments to define their big data strategy and to select the appropriate technology tools and processes.  With our Big Data Analytics solutions, we offer vendor-neutral recommendations that are tailored to customer’s current technology landscape, preferences and objectives.  Our expertise in Hadoop-based, cloud storage systems and other open source technologies help agencies harness the power of big data to improve business outcomes.  Our Big Data Services include:

  • Big Data Strategy Definition
  • Use Case identification and definition
  • Data source identification and assessment
  • Building Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Technology Identification
  • Big Data architecture and Design
  • Big Data Infrastructure Setup and Support either on-premises or in the Cloud (AWS and Azure)
  • Pipeline and custom application development

Realize the Advantages of Big Data Analytics & Insights Services for your Agency

The eventual goal of building and deploying Big Data Technology is to sift through the large volume of data and use Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to make some meaning and gather some insights so that better business decisions can be made and actionable steps can be taken.  We have expertise and experience working with various data visualization and analytics tools and can also build custom visualizations.  We can build these solutions either on-premises or in the cloud (AWS or MS Azure)

Our capabilities in the Big Data Analytics Solutions include

  • Inferential Statistical Analysis
  • Machine Learning, Data mining and Natural Language Processing
  • Data Modeling
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Data Visualization Solutions

Identity Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM)

Strengthening The Cybersecurity of Agencies using improved Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) Services

According to the Federal Identity, Credential, and Access management Architecture, ICAM is a set of security disciplines that allows an organization to:

“enable the right individual to access the right resource at the right time for the right reason”

It is the combined tools, policies, and systems that allow an organization to take a comprehensive and holistic approach for dealing with digital identities and related attributes, credentials and access control.  ICAM helps to address the growing data management, interoperability, and cybersecurity challenges facing the public today.
With federal applications and data migrating to the cloud, ICAM becomes even more critical and important. Our expertise spans each facet of ICAM to include the following techniques and tools:

Identity Management
Techniques: Identity Proofing, Unique Identifiers, Identity Resolution
Tools: Passwords and Identifications, Biometrics, multi-factor, and two-factor authentication

Credential Management
Techniques: Physical papers and cards, electronic credentials
Tools: Credential Card, password, digital certificate

Access Management
Techniques: Policy management and administration, authorization, authentication, provisioning
Tools: Trust frameworks, network access policies

We use Agile methodologies to build the ICAM framework.  Once the ICAM policies and application framework is in place, we work with the agencies internal and external applications to integrate them into the framework.  This includes Single sign-on for internal and external applications.